Fall Fair – 2024 Rules and Categories

We’re absolutely thrilled to be hosting our ninth Annual Heritage Fall Fair to showcase some of the amazing products available here in the Similkameen Valley. We hope you’ll come join us!


  1. (produce) Pumpkin, Largest (by weight)
  2. (produce) Apple, Largest (by weight)
  3. (produce) Bean, Longest
  4. (produce) Zucchini, Largest (by weight)
  5. (produce) Garlic Bulb, Largest (by weight)
  6. (produce) Vegetable Oddity – natural, unusual
  7. (produce) Zuccca, Largest (by weight)
  8. (produce) Family Connections – This special category is for any heirloom variety of vegetable with a multi-generational history in your family or some other personal connection. Please submit both a sample of the item as well as a short (no more than one page) story about that variety’s connection to you.
  9. (flowers) Sunflower, Largest Head
  10. (flowers) Flower Arrangement, in a tea cup
  11. (flowers) Flower Arrangement, heirloom (5 varieties minimum), in a vase
  12. (flowers) Wreath Arrangement (12″-16″ wide)
  13. (flowers) Pressed Flowers, flat display no more than 12” square
  14. (flowers) Dish/Fairy Garden no larger than 12” wide, 6” deep, accessories allowed
  15. (baking) Sourdough Bread, Decorated Loaf (most creative)
  16. (baking) Heritage Baking – 6 pieces of family favourite (include recipe and history)
  17. (baking) Apple Pie (judged by a panel on presentation and flavour)
  18. (preserves) Jam, made from local-grown fruit
  19. (preserves) Jelly, made from local-grown fruit
  20. (preserves) Preserves, Any Kind
  21. (preserves) Pickles, Any Variety
  22. (cooking) Homemade Goat Chevre, flavoured
  23. (cooking) Smoked Fish, Salmon or Trout
  24. (art) Quilt
  25. (art) Knitting, any item, using “Granny Squares”
  26. (art) Crochet, Fashion Accessory
  27. (art) Cross Stitch, framed or unframed
  28. (art) Embroidery, framed or unframed
  29. (art) Needlepoint, on an article of clothing
  30. (art) Heirloom Originals – this category is not judged but rather is an opportunity to showcase the beautiful old works that you treasure from our past … a quilt made by your aunt, a layette, your ancestor’s christening gown. An entry fee is not required; however, please attach your name, phone number and a brief description of the provenance of the piece. It will be returned to you.
  31. (art) Wood Carving/Whittling, (expert level) any item
  32. (art) Wood Carving/Whittling, (novice level) walking stick or cane
  33. (art) Birdhouse (functional)
  34. (art) Photography, Theme: “Our Spectacular Valley”
  35. (art) Photography, Theme: “Endless Bounty”
  36. (art) Photography, Theme: “Animal Companions”
  37. (art) Painting, Local Wildlife
  38. (art) Painting, Landscape


These categories are for youth aged 14 and under and should be the result of their own personal efforts. Please include the name and age of child on the label. Also, we will be offering afterschool workshops in September on each of these crafts, supported by Forest Learning Tools.

  1. (youth) Pressed Flowers, flat display no more than 12” square
  2. (youth) Felting, needle-felted 3D object (see here for an example)
  3. (youth) Fairy Door, no larger that 8in tall, decorated in any fashion
  4. (youth) Birdhouse, functional
  5. (youth) Stick Weaving, no larger than 10in square (see here for an example)
  6. (youth) Apple Doll, carved (see here for an example)


  • One entry per category, per person
  • All entry forms, accompanied by the entry fee and the items themselves, must be delivered to the Grist Mill and Gardens Visitor’s Centre between 3:00-5:00PM on Friday, September 27nd. The only exception is Apple Pies, which are to be dropped off before noon on Sunday.
  • The Grist Mill and Gardens will not be liable for any loss or damage to items submitted.
  • All items submitted must have been made, grown or produced by the exhibitor.
  • The judges may open bottles or jars, cut baked goods or produce and taste foods.
  • Prepared products sold commercially are not eligible for competition but can be placed with the associated category with a “Display Only” tag provided by the organizer.


  • Entry fees are set at $1 per category entered. “Display Only” products will be charged a $5 fee–consider it a sponsorship to increase the prize money in the category.
  • In the absence of competition in any category, the judges will award prizes only as they see fit. One entry in a category does not guarantee a prize.
  • Prize amounts depend on the amount collected in entry fees for that category; 50% of the total collected for that category will be awarded as prize money to the first-place winner. So, if ten competitive entries are made for one category, the prize would be $5.00.
  • An additional prize is offered to the top exhibitor in each section. “Top exhibitor” standings are calculated as follows: first place in each category scores 3 points, second place scores 2 points and third place scores 1 point. The prize amount is 25% of all entry fees collected in that section.
  • In the case of a tie, category or section prizes will be equally split between winning exhibitors.
  • Prize money and entries may be collected from the Grist Mill front desk on Sunday, September 29 from 4PM to 6PM. Any prize money not collected during that time will be considered a donation (with appreciation) to the Grist Mill