Volunteer Opportunities

There are a few projects we’ll be undertaking in the off-season that we would love a hand with if you’re interested and available:

1) WATERWHEEL REPLACEMENT – As soon as the weather warms up a little, Cuyler will be hard at work building a brand new waterwheel for the mill. This is a truly unique project and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about the engineering, history and science behind this exceptional piece of local history. Whether you’ve got experience working with wood or not, there are ways you might be able to support this project with some of your spare time.
Time Commitment: 20+ hours in the next ten weeks, depending on availability, skills and interest.

2) COLLECTIONS / INVENTORY PROJECT – During the next two months, we’re continuing an ongoing inventory of all the historical artifacts on site and comparing our lists with those from the Province. While this might sound like an overwhelming task, there are actually only a few hundred catalogued items and perhaps a few hundred more that should be catalogued.

If you’re interested in helping with this project, please get in touch with Chris (on his cell) at 250-499-9021. This is a great opportunity to learn more about heritage conservation and get behind-the-scenes on site.
Time Commitment: 4 to 40 hours over two months, depending on availability and interest.

3) WINTER PRUNING – We’ve been very fortunate in the last few years to have some exceptional orchardists help us with our heritage apple trees, but personal schedules and health issues require us to find someone new who can help us out. There are approx 50 semi-dwarf heritage apple trees on site that are in need of winter pruning. If you know someone who might be able to help us out in the next few weeks, please have them get in touch.
Time Commitment: As long as it takes, likely one day.

4) HERITAGE GARDENS – This year, we’re making some significant changes to our heritage gardens, both ornamental and vegetable, as we renew our focus on collecting and preserving rare and unusual heritage varieties. To that end, we could use some help in the greenhouse, with research and in the dirt. Help us by learning more about this special varieties, by tend them and assisting us in preparing several new garden beds on site. No experience is required, but enthusiasm is appreciated!
Time Commitment: Will vary significantly depending on the volunteer and their tasks, but some tasks can begin immediately.

If you’re available to lend a hand in any of these ways, please get in touch with us at 250-499-2888 or info@oldgristmill.ca.

Thank you for your incredible support!