Virtual Field Trips

During this exceptional time, we’ve decided to bring our heritage site to you. Over the next while, we’re going to be making a series of live broadcasts exploring different aspect of this beautiful, fascinating place. We might work in the garden together, explore boxes, make something or take a tour.

For now, our goal is to do one segment each week day for about 15 minutes, starting at 10AM. 

You can find these live broadcasts on our Facebook page at and our previous broadcasts on YouTube at

The best way to you can support us through this is to buy a Seasons Pass to the site–even if you live far away! We don’t receive operating funding from any level of government and all our usual ways to make money are unavailable to us at the moment (admission fees, meals in the restaurant, campground fees, event tickets, etc) but we still have bills to pay. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much and we can’t wait to show you around!

Some of our past episodes include:

If you’re a teacher and would like us to present directly to your class through a meeting or similar, please get in touch!

Apr 20 – Early Season Flowers
Let’s start our week off with a little smile as we take a tour of the flowers that are starting to bloom in our gardens!
Apr 21 – Sowing Seeds
It’s time to start getting seeds in the ground; join us in our upper garden as we sow seeds for some of our favourite veggies.
Apr 22 – Making Bannock Together
We’re back in our Summer Kitchen to cook again on our old wood stove. Today, we’re making bannock!
Apr 23 – Big Wheel Keeps on Turning
Today, we’re going to start our waterwheel for the first time this season. This big wood wheel turns moving water into the power our 143 year old mill needs to produce flour!
Apr 24 – Baking with Puff Pastry
A simple box of puff pastry from the store can be turned into many wonderful treats; let’s try a few things together!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Field Trips

  1. Way to go Chris. So cool.

  2. Can you show us how to seed spinach?

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