[PRE-ORDER] Dye Garden Kit


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Embark on a vibrant journey into the world of natural colors and hues with our captivating Dye Plant Garden Kit. This thoughtfully curated assortment features six distinctive plant varieties known for their natural dyeing properties, empowering you to create stunning, eco-friendly dyes from the comfort of your own garden. From the rich yellows of marigold to the earthy reds of amaranth, this kit offers an exquisite palette of botanical hues. The accompanying booklet offers comprehensive insights into each plant’s dyeing potential, cultivation requirements, and simple step-by-step instructions for extracting and utilizing these natural dyes. The Dye Plant Garden Kit invites you to discover the enchanting world of botanical dyes, providing the tools to cultivate, create, and infuse your world with the captivating colors of nature.

We’re still testing seeds and assembling these kits–they’ll be ready in early 2024. Order now and we’ll make arrangements to ship it to you or bring it to one of the many Seedy Saturday/Sunday events we’re attending in spring 2024 for you to pick up.