[PRE-ORDER] Container Garden Kit


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Experience the flexibility and convenience of container gardening as you transform balconies, patios, or windowsills into productive spaces. This specially curated collection includes a selection of six plant varieties perfectly suited for containers, ensuring a flourishing garden even in the smallest of settings. From compact tomatoes and dwarf herbs to petite peppers and trailing flowers, this kit offers a diverse range of plants ideal for pots, window boxes, and balconies. Our comprehensive guidebook provides essential tips for successful container gardening, from choosing the right containers to nurturing these plants to their fullest potential, empowering you to create a thriving garden sanctuary in limited spaces.

We’re still testing seeds and assembling these kits–they’ll be ready in early 2024. Order now and we’ll make arrangements to ship it to you or bring it to one of the many Seedy Saturday/Sunday events we’re attending in spring 2024 for you to pick up.