Sourdough Starter

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We’re an historic flour mill, so of course we keep our own sourdough culture! Fed with a mix of flours, including the wholegrain red fife flour that comes from our 143 year old waterwheel-powered flour mill, it has great flavour and plenty of activity.

We sell it in two formats: as a live, active culture (bubbling away in a small jar) or as a dried culture ready to be stored or added to your flour and water–it will spring back to life in a few days. Live cultures have to be delivered or picked up at the Grist Mill, but the dried culture can be sent through the mail.

Also included with every order is an information sheet about how to care for your new pet, we mean sourdough culture and how to bake a basic loaf of bread with it as well as links to other resources.


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Fresh Live Culture, Dried Culture