Commercial Photo Policy

The photographer is responsible for the conduct of their party; photographers who do not abide by these guidelines (including members of their party) will be subject to permanent loss of privileges. The Grist Mill and Gardens reserves the right to cancel photography sessions without a refund and to remove any party from the premises for violations of our rules and regulations.

The Legal Stuff

Our photo permission covers your photography group, including the photographer, subjects and assistants. The permission is valid for one photo sessions, for one client. All members of the party needs to check in together with the photographer. Unless otherwise arranged, photography is permitted only during our open hours.

Fees charged in association with commercial photography on the site are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The Grist Mill and Gardens is not responsible for any props, articles of clothing or equipment that may be lost, damaged or stolen from the premises.

Everyone participating in the photo session agrees to release from liability and hold the Grist Mill and Gardens harmless from any and all liabilities, loses or damages resulting from use of the property and performance of the photo agreement. You expressly understand that by taking commercial photos on site you agree to these terms and are giving up your right to obtain damages, judgements or awards from injuries, theft, death or any other harm that may occur from the use of the property.

Thank you for abiding by these guidelines to make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Additional Guidelines

  • Please enter and leave through the main entrance, unless other specific arrangements have been made
  • Please yield to visitors, volunteers, and staff at all times
  • All photography is to be done outside of buildings, unless specific arrangements have been made
  • Keep all equipment and gear with you at all times
  • Dispose of all trash in trash cans
  • Only certified service animals are allowed on site, unless other specific arrangements have been made
  • Please do not smoke or vape anywhere on site except in the parking lot
  • Do not walk, stand or place equipment in planted or wild areas
  • Do not move anything without staff permission
  • Do not pick flowers
  • Do not bring flower petals, rice, glitter, paint, flares, smoke bombs, balloons or other materials that leave residue
  • Do not climb on fences, trees or other features on site
  • Do not play music
  • Do not bring food from off-site

Thank you for choosing us for your photography shoot; we’re proud to share our Similkameen oasis with you . We always appreciate a venue credit for the Grist Mill and Gardens as appropriate.