Zucchini Race Rules

General Rules:

All cars must start by gravity from a stand still, at the starting point. No pushing is allowed. To finish, the car whose nose is the first to cross the finish line is the winner. The race official(s) will decide the winner, and if the result is too close to call, a second race will be run. If any car leaves the track the race can be restarted. If the same car leaves again, the car is eliminated.


Overall width of wheels is not to exceed 10″ so that it fits within our 12″ track lanes.

Overall length is not to exceed 14″.

The car shall not ride on springs.


  1. The vehicles should be built by the racer.
  2. Vehicles should be constructed using a whole, freshly carved zucchini. Moldy cars will probably fall apart.  Absolutely no motors, rubber bands, or mechanical aids. All power will be supplied by the ramp and gravity.
  3. Vehicles should have wheels securely attached through the zucchini body; external wheels attached wheeled platform are not allowed.  Make sure the the overall size of the car meets the requirements.
  4. Decorate your vehicle!
  5. Have fun! After all, this is what this is all about.


(Prizes will be awarded in each of these categories; the “fastest” and “best decorated” categories will also be judged by age category)

  • Biggest
  • Smallest
  • Fastest  (First to cross the finish line across all heats)
  • Slowest  (To win this category, the car must be able to cross the finish line, unassisted.)
  • Best decorated  (As judged by race officials)
  • Best crash (As judged by  race officials)
  • Farthest distance

Age Categories

  • Under 14
  • 14 and over